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Safety Protocol

ARC Etiquette

Please take the time to read our sportsmanship, structural functionalism, codes and regulations, terms and conditions and waivers to understand our terms of use.

Flag Symbols

Learn the flag symbols for ARC Racing system.

Structural Functionalism

Learn the Structural Functionalism for each of our event program we have to offer.

Codes and Regulations

Learn the codes and regulations for each of our event program we have to offer.


Learn the true meaning about good and bad sportsmanship.

Good or Bad Sportsmanship

"Good sportsmanship goes beyond the game; it starts with respect"
Tommy Hilfiger

View all of our forms will be located here on this page.


Read and understand the waivers for ARC Racing.

Point System

Learn the point system for each of our select event program we have to offer.

Terms and Conditions

Read and understand the terms of use for ARC Racing services.

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