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Structural Functionalism

Understanding the structural Functionalism for ARC Academy

Drivers will be assigned into an ARC League based on their consistent lap times.

ARC Leagues

ARC 2 | ARC 1 | ARC 3

The Safe Straight Zone drivers will have two types of overtaking zones in color coded [Green and Purple]. 


The Green Zone drivers may overtake another driver without restriction


The Purple Zone drivers may only overtake another driver if there is a waving green flag for a Safe Straight Zones.

Safe S Zone

Engage Your Overtake

The Blue Flag will only be an indication to let drivers know there is a faster driver enclosing your way but you do not have to let the incoming driver overtake you because this is your semi race day experience for you to determine your fate.

Defending: Drivers will have one defense move in the beginning of each Safe Straight Zones to protect the race line you want to defend from another offense driver.

Neutral: Drivers may wish to stay neutral. If a driver wishes to stay neutral, maintain your position line and let off the throttle (gas) pedal to let the incoming driver pass.

Offending: There is not much we need to elaborate on this one other than if a driver loves to be an offense driver, you will love offending.

Blue Flagged

Defense | Neutral | Offense

Every Safe Straight Zones will have brake marker signs of 400, 300, 200, 100; during these brake marker signs there will be no overtaking allowed including the racetrack turns.

Brake Marker

No Dive Bombing

The Safe Turn Zone (in color coded turquoise) will be the only acceptance when drivers may continue their overtaking against another driver through a turn.

Safe T Zone

Continue the Fight
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