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Jacie R Corey

Jacie Ruelas Corey born on November in the county of Los Angeles. Jacie R Corey was born with a rare intersex variation of androgen insensitivity syndrome. Jacie R Corey is not afraid to express her intersex condition because she wants to spread awareness upon her motorsport racing career for the genetic chronic condition intersex so that other women with the condition intersex may not be scared of expressing themselves at their full potential. Jacie R Corey has a firm ambition to motivate other people in general with the condition intersex so they may also live their lives healthy, and proactive life filled with many equal opportunities without fearing their intersex traits. 


“I see everyone in this world as someone special with something unique to offer.”

Jacie Ruelas Corey had struggled with the genetic chronic condition intersex. "I had discovered my intersex condition on my own" as a result of this Jacie had been struggling emotionally with a lot of stigma on how to better manage her intersex condition with the help from Jacie first assigned physician and mentor Dr. Daniela Delgado who had taken in a interest of Jacie athlete career to helped ensured her health is ready for competition. Jacie has finally begun to realize her intersex condition is not only a curse but "my intersex traits are a gift".

There is no shame in being born intersex. Embrace the gift because the gift of being born a intersex will make you unique on your magical journey that will change the world perspective from the viewpoint of black and white to multi beautiful colors. #ridemonth

Jacie Ruelas Corey and her primary physician/mentor Dr. Daniela Delgado is working together to form a intersex research facility for Genetic/neuro Mutation Disorder to research better treatment for the condition intersex; genetically, physically and neurologically.

Origin Story

Jacie Ruelas Corey was introduced to the motorsport world when she was five years old playing her favorite video game Need For Speed. Jacie's oldest brother Andrew Granardo had seduced Jacie to another video game that made her transition from Need For Speed to a simulator known to be used by professional racecar drivers Gran Turismo. Jacie had gotten most of her education of racing physics and lines from the simulator GT. Jacie would replay a school mission on the simulator Gran Turismo over and over again until she had fully mastered it because Jacie believed ‘when mastering anything comes with three elements of dedication, discipline, and consistency’.

Mark Corey, the father of Jacie Ruelas Corey would drive into an empty parking lot to allow his intersex child with the fun opportunity to drive her favorite vehicle a 1997 Jeep Wrangler although Jacie was not quite tall enough to reach the pedals on her own, Mark Corey would have Jacie climb aboard onto his lap team working to drive the Jeep Wrangler together. There came a time when Jacie never got the opportunity to drive her favorite vehicle on her own because the family had to sell the Jeep Wrangler because of old age and the maintenance was too high to maintain. Jacie is known to be very emotional; she had cried on the day of the Jeep being sold. 

Mark Corey said to Jacie in cheering her up "everything in life will eventually comes to an end" for Jacie to understand the concept of the lifecycle to never take anything for granted and to always gives yourself a purpose and a journey to constantly pursue whatever your heart passion lies ahead and you will be able to get through any difficulty that life may throw at you. Mark Corey had planned on taking his intersex child Jacie on a wild adventure that may just give her a long starting purpose at the Adventure Speedway in go-karting; this was to be the very first chapter that had sparked Jacie Ruelas Corey motorsport racing career.

Mark Corey had seen a lot of raw potential skills in his intersex child that Jacie may one day make it into the motorsport industry as a racecar driver. Mark Corey had hired a professional race coach to assist his intersex child, Jacie to further develop her raw skills at the Adventure Speedway.

On Jacie Ruelas Corey's eighth birthday she was gifted with a 125cc go-kart to hone her skills to compete internationally racing at the Dallas Complex Raceway. This DCK league had led Jacie in receiving an invitation to join the senior youth league Exotic Racing Series. 

Personal Story

Jacie Ruelas Corey had struggled with many mental disorders growing up including Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Selective Mutism and Autism, this had greatly affected her school works because ADHD is a 30% learning delay and Jacie also had selective mutism that had affected her even more from getting the proper educational aid necessity she needed for life.

Jacie Ruelas Corey had an inspirational race coach Douglas at the time she was at the Dallas Complex Raceway. Coach Douglas and Jacie were very close, Coach Douglas always knew how to cheer up Jacie with inspiration.

Parents Background

Lourdes Ruelas Corey who is the mother of Jacie, Lourdes Ruelas Corey is known to be extremely creative; she was a school teacher in the position of team leader for a primary school, Christie Elementary. Later Lourdes Ruelas became a professional artist in the industry of arts and craft then briefly later she became a talented chef.

Mark Corey is known to be a hard worker; he was at first a school teacher in the position of team leader, Mark Corey had worked his way from team leader into chairman that had led with the opportunity as vice principal for a private catholic school, Prince of Peace. Later Mark Corey became an artist in the industry of arts and craft.


Leadership runs in the family residence of Ruelas Corey DNA; these traits were inherited onto their intersex child Jacie Ruelas Corey.

Early Career

In the Spring of 2015 Jacie Ruelas Corey had joined the league Speed Venture in a Miata Spec class for Indotech Motorsports.

In the fall of 2019 Jacie Ruelas Corey had joined the league OnGrid in her Toyota Celica.

In February 29, 2020 Jacie Ruelas Corey had joined the league Red Line Time Attack with the invitation in becoming an ambassador for the HPDE organization Extreme Speed Track Events.

Medical Condition

The Opportunity with Red Line Time Attack and Extreme Speed Track Events did not last long because on February 29, 2020 (the day of the Covid-19 lockdown) Jacie Ruelas Corey had a health crisis she had been battling that were related to her hormonal and genetic; although this was not the entire cause due to the lost of the opportunity with Red Line Time Attack and Extreme Speed Track Events was related to an agenda act of prejudice against Jacie Ruelas Corey.

Goals and Passions

Jacie Ruelas Corey's next goal is to manifest ARC Racing University with a mission goal of creating opportunity and career that will improve the motorsport industry and improve the economy for America. ARC Racing is very supportive of the holiday in June celebrating 'All Human Civil Rights' as a symbol to remember what America went through fighting to overcome discrimination and inequality; which will be revolving hugely around the LGBTQIA+ community. ARC Racing will be a safe environment for transgender and gender diverse athletes and for anyone with a chronic health condition, physical or mentally.

Jacie Ruelas Corey has a goal to pursue the official race team for MINI JCWTeam to work on her dream in joining Formula One.

My Story


1999 - Adventure Speedway (3 years of exp)

2002 - Dallas Complex Karting (9 years of exp)

2010 - Exotic Racing Series (1 years of exp)

2015 - Graduated from Driver61 University (class of 17)

2015 - Speed Venture (3 years of exp)

2019 - Exotic Racing School (class of 19)

2019 - OnGrid (1 years of exp)

2020 - Red Line Time Attack (3 years of exp)

2020 - Extreme Speed Track Events (3 years of exp)

2021 - EXS Youth Ambassador (2 years)

2024 - ARC Racing

Professional Racecar Driver est the age of 6 years old


Track Day Events Agency

Andy Lally ALIVE Marketing Agency

Paradigm Talent Agency

‪(310) 737-8535‬

" I believe there is no perfect journey no matter the souls. You do not have to be perfect in pursuing what your heart truly desire but you have to find that courage to pursue the world you wish. Just know you are not alone in this pursuit. "


- Jacie R Corey -

Favorite Quotes and Belief
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