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Jacie R Corey she/her

Jacie Ruelas Corey born on November 11, 2002 in the county of Los Angeles. Jacie R Corey was born with a rare intersex disorder this means she has 46, X / Y chromosomes, turner syndrome, mosaic, androgen insensitivity syndrome and disorder of sex development. Jacie R Corey has decided to use the non genderless pronouns they/their but she does not always mind using her original pronouns she/her because Jacie R Corey believes in staying true to oneself to inspire as an inspirational act onto others to feel comfortable in our own skin.

“I see everyone in this world as someone special with something unique to offer.”

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Pronoun Trivia

The proper way in pronouncing the pronouns They and Their is long vowel. (E)

My Story

Growing up intersex I had never known I was born with a intersex condition until my parents spoke to me about my intersex condition, since my parents told me, it had all gone downhill for quite a while because I did not know how to handle or manage my intersex condition; after a while I realized my intersex condition is not only a curse but my intersex traits are also a gift.


“There is no shame in being born a intersex. Embrace the gift because this gift will make you truly unique on your magical journey that will change the world perspective from black and white to beautiful colors”.


Origin Story:

Jacie Ruelas Corey was introduced to the motorsport world when she was around 5 years old, playing her favorite video game Need For Speed until briefly later Andrew Granardo who is Jacie R Corey oldest brother introduced her to the simulator video game Gran Turismo that she had made the transition from Need For Speed to Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo is where Jacie R Corey got her most education for learning the racing lines.


Jacie R Corey and her dad would find a big open parking lot to allow Jacie R Corey to climb aboard on her dad's lap to drive Jacie R Corey's favorite vehicle, a 1997 Jeep Wrangler that she had adored so much because Jacie R Corey was not quite tall enough to reach the pedals on her own. Jacie R Corey was never able to drive her favorite vehicle on her own because Jacie R Corey dad had to sell the Jeep Wrangler because of old age and the family household did not have the financial to maintain the Jeep Wrangler maintenance.


During this phase in Jacie R Corey life is when she had discovered the lifecycle that Jacie R Corey had a hard time with; her dad said to Jacie R Corey that everything in life will eventually grow old and wither away but you may embrace this by continuing to pursue whatever spiked your passion and you will be able to get through any difficulty that life may throw at you. Jacie R Corey dad made a plan to take his daughter to the Adventure Speedway to occupy her mind with productivity. Jacie R Corey dad at this point saw outstanding potential in his daughter he hired a race instructor to further develop Jacie R Corey raw talent for her motorsport racing career as a racecar driver.


Motorsport was the only subject that Jacie R Corey excelled in because she had struggled with a neurological chronic condition Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder which is a 40% learnding delay. Jacie R Corey also had selective mutism which is a severe anxiety condition affecting her from getting the proper treatment that she needs for many of Jacie R Corey neurological chronic conditions. By the time of Jacie R Corey eight birthday she was gifted a 125cc go-kart to take her motorsport racing career to the next level, more competition professionally in the youth league DKC at the Dallas Complex Raceway. Jacie R Corey was assign to the professional racecar driver coach Douglas who had helped her with better management skills in overcoming with many of Jacie R Corey neurological chronic conditions, coach Douglas and Jacie R Corey become such great friend that she consider him a mentor and a family member during the time Jacie R Corey was apart of the youth league DKC at the Dallas Complex Raceway.


Jacie R Corey fastly developing with the proper life tool that coach Douglas had helped to equipped her with she learn to how to eat more healthy at which point she transition from being a vegetarian to a vegan with a mindset belief of believing; fulfilling any body with healthy habits will definitely be enough to helped one through any chronic conditions.


“Fulfilling my body with healthy habits had helped me so much it had even helped calm down my tourette syndrome.”


Jacie R Corey had got the exciting news of the invitation of being able to race in the youth senior league at Exotic Racing Series of 2024 in Los Angeles and Las Vegas that she had moved from her parents house in Texas and moved in with Jacie R Corey relative houses in Las Vegas and Los Angeles of California. Jacie R Corey was only able to fulfill the Exotic Racing Series of 2024 for only four seasons due to a mandatory cancellation for the series that was never brought back to resume the series because of the pre covid-19 pandemic lockdown but Jacie R Corey found other competition organizations with the helped from her sponsors funding she had the privilege in competing with OnGrid, Speed Venture and the latest most successful one Red Line Time Attack and Extreme Speed Track Events.


Jacie R Corey is now building with a strong ambition of determination her own competition league at ARC Racing partnered with Nestor Gonzalez to create their league in support of innovativeness technology to help other people to easily get into a motorsport racing career; ARC Racing League will be very friendly supported supporting the LGBTQIA+ and anyone with a chronic conditions.


Jacie R Corey goal is to pursue her motorsport racing career with the factory motorsport program to make a way through into formula racing with a dream of achieving formula one then she would love to return to her own league at ARC Racing for the rest of her life.


Professional Racecar Driver est the age of 6 years old


2008 - Adventure Speedway (3 years of exp)

2010 - Dallas Complex Karting (7 years of exp)

2015 - Exotic Racing Series of 2024 (5 years of exp)

2017 - Graduated from Driver61 University (class of 19)

2019 - Exotic Racing School (class of 19)

2019 - OnGrid (1 years of exp)

2020 - Red Line Time Attack (3 years of exp)

2020 - Extreme Speed Track Events (3 years of exp)

2021 - EXS Youth Ambassador (2 years)

Andy Lally ALIVE Marketing Agency

Paradigm Talent Agency

‪(310) 737-8535‬

Favorite Quotes and Belief

" I believe there is no perfect journey no matter the souls. You don't have to be perfect in pursuing what your heart truly desire but you have to find that courage to pursue the world you wish. Just know you are not alone in this pursuit. "


— Jacie R. Corey —

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