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Flags Meaning

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Green Flag

Session is open

Passing is a go only in the passing zones.


Yellow Flag - Motionless

Slow down. Danger ahead. PASSING is prohibited, until completely past the incident, or until past the next manned flag station that is not displaying any Yellow Flag(s), whichever comes first. There may be one (1) yellow flag covering more than one incident. There may be several yellow flags before reaching the emergency area.


Yellow Flag - Waving

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Double Yellow Flags

Full course yellow condition exists. Be prepared to encounter a Pace Car and/or emergency vehicles. Drivers should not significantly slow down. Be prepared to encounter a slow-moving pack and other local flag conditions. Drivers shall obey the local flag conditions (e.g. waving yellow). Passing is prohibited until the Pace Car (if on track) has pulled off and the driver has passed the next manned flag station that is not displaying any Yellow Flag(s).


Black Flag - Open

Track Officials want to talk to you. Complete current lap and pull into the pits for consultation.


Black Flag - Furled

Warning. You are driving in an unsafe manner or you did something wrong. If you continue to do so, an open black flag will be shown to you.


Black Flag All - Waving

All manned flag stations will display waving black flags during this condition. Some flag stations might display a sign with the word “ALL.” All cars proceed slowly to the hot pits. Passing is prohibited.


Checkered Flag

Session is over. Complete current lap cautiously and exit via pit lane or otherwise designated end-of-session track exit point. Passing rules remain the same during the checkered flag lap as during the session.


Red Flag

Emergency. Come to an immediate and controlled stop on the side of the track in a safe location.


Blue Flag with
Yellow Stripe

Another vehicle is approaching quickly or following very closely and may attempt a pass. The driver receiving the Blue Flag should consider giving a passing signal.


Debris Flag with
Yellow and Red Stripes

Caution. To be displayed motionless. Oil or debris may be present on the track surface or a slippery condition may be present. This flag will be taken down after several laps, but that does not mean that the condition has been resolved; just that the driver should now be taking it into account


White Flag

Emergency vehicle or slow-moving vehicle is on course.


Emergency Vehicle Flag
(white flag with a red cross)

There is an emergency vehicle on course. Pass with extreme caution.


Mechanical Black Flag
(with orange ball in center)

There appears to be something mechanically wrong with your car. Proceed to the pits at reduced speed.


Pace Car
(with lights on)

Follow the Pace Car at about the same speed. Do not pass the Pace Car unless instructed to do so by the Pace Car personnel. Passing is only allowed after the Pace Car has pulled off and the driver has passed the next manned flag station that is not displaying a yellow flag.

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