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ARC RACING is a motorsport organization that connects racers of all levels. We are committed to helping our racers reach their full potential by providing them with the best resources and access to our events in the industry.

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran driver, you can create an ARC Racing account to get connected to our events and start building your accreditation.


Through your racer profile, you can view other racers’ status, follow them and even collaborate with them.


Find an ARC Racing event and take your racing to the next level!


Your League

What sets us apart from other organizations is that your results determine your qualifying league you will be competing against. This means that the consistent time you do is the league you qualify for until you can lower your times consistently.

Safe Zones

Our organization puts a unique twist on the traditional professional motorsport, offering two types of safe zones for racers to make their overtake: Green and Orange.

Racers can take advantage of the Green zone to make their overtake freely, while Orange zone racers may only engage in their overtake if there is a waving green flag achieved.

Our unique racing style sets us apart from the rest; there will be no hand signals at any time when out on the racetrack. Read the codes and regulations to learn more about how to professionally communicate with other drivers and flaggers during your time on the racetrack field.

In Conjunction with Offense Your Position

Blue Flagged and Defend

We believe that the driver should be in control and in order to keep the racing fair and safe for everyone of all levels, we have developed a unique blue flag system. This allows the defense driver being blue flagged to move from their race line only once per battle in order to defend and protect their position or if the defense driver does not want to compete with the offense driver, the defense driver may just maintain their position until the offense driver makes their overtake on you which could either be on the left or right side of the inside line of the racetrack turn.

In Conjunction with Blue Flagged and Defend.

Offense Your Position

Our unique rules and regulations ensure that the competition remains fair and exciting. Fighting for your position will end once reaching the braking signs (200 to 150) meters. The driver who has passed the cone first which will be the braking sign (200 to 150) meter has the legal take position. If by coincidence both drivers have a tie at the cone, the driver who has the inside line of the racetrack turn has the legal position take.

In Conjunction with Offense Your Position and Safe Zone

Comeback Your Position

Focus on maintaining the driver's tale who had the last legal take for the position to try and get a comeback in the next safe zones.

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